December 10-12, 2015

International Conference on
Precision, Meso, Micro and Nano Engineering.

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Mr. Arkadeep Kumar – Paper ID 216
Paper Title:– Mechanical Properties of Diamond Wire Sawn Photovoltaic Silicon Wafers.

Mr. R. Vairamuthu – Paper ID.44
Paper Title:– Prediction of volumetric accuray of a cylindrical grinding machine tool using kinematic error modeling approach.

Mr. Sandip Anasane – Paper ID 104
Paper Title:– Fabrication of microslots on titanium by electrochemical micromachining

Mr. Ladeesh V G – Paper ID 91
Paper Title:– Investigations on reduction in edge–chipping during grinding assisted electrochemical discharge drilling (g–ecdd): finite element analysis and experimental validation.


Mr.Shakil Kagzi – Paper ID.65
Paper Title:– An Investigation of cone angle during roller forming process.

Mr.Mahendra Singh – Paper ID.83
Paper Title:– Comparative evaluation on Machinability Aspects of Inconel 825 using TiN/TiAlN and Al2O3/TiCN coated tool.

Mr.Susheel Dhale – Paper ID.139
Paper Title:– Statistical modelling of wedm considering wire related parameters.